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How To Lower Your Out-Of-Pocket Costs 

Suggestions Concerning
Your Out-Of-Pocket Costs
Prepared By
The Employee Benefit Service Center

1     See Your Physician in the Office
The use of urgent care, emergency rooms or hospital outpatient departments multiply the charges dramatically when compared to office visit charges.
2     Use Primary Care Physicians (When Available)
Specialist charges are dramatically higher than primary care physician charges. For many services, primary care physicians can provide equal care to specialist physicians.

3     Prepare For Your Doctor Visit
Before the visit, define your goals for the visit. Do you want a complete physical, a consultation on a specific problem, a follow-up to a previous visit, or an answer to a simple question. Perhaps a phone consultation will substitute for a visit. Organize your symptoms and your chief complaint and be prepared to describe them. Have any previous medical records from another physician if they are relevant to the visit goal and have a list of prescriptions you are taking. When your doctor describes a course of treatment, make sure you understand it and agree with it.

    Challenge Your Physician On The Necessity Of A Service And Ask For Less Expensive Treatment Options
Many time physicians do not consider the cost of the services they order. By asking questions about the necessity of a service or the cost, the physician may provide alternatives that are not only less expensive, but that will be more appropriate to your personal needs. Ask if a recommended test is really needed, if the test is reliable and where the test will be processed. Find out if there are any alternatives to the test and if the test is still necessary. Ask questions to make sure the test is performed by a network laboratory to maximum the coverage of the benefit plan.

    Get a Second Opinion
For any invasive procedure it is always a good idea to obtain another doctor's opinion. Do not get the referral for the second opinion physician from your doctor.


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